Introduction To Flutter Bloc

  1. Stream<T>
class Bloc {final _controller = StreamController<dynamic>.broadcast();int value = 0;Stream<dynamic> get valueStream =>;Function(dynamic) get addEvent => _controller.sink.add;} 
void closeStream() {_controller.close();}
void incrementValue() {value = value + 1;addEvent(value);}void decrementValue() {value = value - 1;addEvent(value);}void incrementValueBy10() {value = value + 10;addEvent(value);}void decrementValueBy10() {value = value - 10;addEvent(value);}void addErrorToStream() {_controller.addError("Streaming error");}void addString() {_controller.add("HELLO WORLD");}
class MyHomePage extends StatefulWidget {@override_MyHomePageState createState() => _MyHomePageState();}class _MyHomePageState extends State<MyHomePage> {Bloc bloc;
@overridevoid initState() {bloc = Bloc();super.initState();}@overridevoid dispose() {bloc.closeStream();super.dispose(); }}
StreamBuilder<dynamic>(initialData: "Getting Started",stream: stream,builder: (context, snapshot) {if (snapshot.hasError) return Text(snapshot.error, style: style);if ( == null)return Text("Null",style: style,);if (snapshot.hasData) return Text("${}", style: style2);return Text("Something went wrong", style: style);});
@overrideWidget build(BuildContext context) {print("I am Child Rebuilding ");final style = const TextStyle(backgroundColor:, color: Colors.yellow, fontSize: 40);final style2 = const TextStyle(fontSize: 40,fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,backgroundColor:,letterSpacing: 2.0);return StreamBuilder<dynamic>( ...........

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Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta

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